People are the foundation of every strong company, so relationships are very important to us. We value our long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees alike.

We have established solid productive relationships with all our suppliers from the olive farmers to packaging providers. These collaborations ensure that our supply chain remains intact at all times.

We continue to work very closely with the olive farmers, constantly improving the quality of both organic and conventional olives that we supply to our customers.

The founders

Theodoros Petropoulos founded the business in 1950 in rural Greece and his son Nikos has taken the family legacy and consistently expanded the business.

Alexis Mostrios and James Phillipson have been working with Petropoulos & Son on the export business for over 10 years and together with Nikos they have created the brand Helena Foods to bring good honest Greek food to the international market. In 2017, Alexandros Giakas-Petropoulos, nephew of Nikos, also joined the business.